RetroTek Mobile Retroreflectometers

cutting survey costs by up to 50%


Transforming Retroreflective Pavement Marking Surveys Day or Night


Only Mobile Retroreflectometer

surveying full lane width and center lane markings

RetroTek USA Inc

RetroTekUSA Inc is registered in USA and is a subsidiary of Reflective Measurement Systems Ltd based in Dublin, Ireland. RetroTekUSA Inc registered Address: 8 The Green. Suite 13817, Dover, Delaware 1990113. 

RetroTek from Reflective Measurement Systems

RetroTek Systems enables road agencies, DOTs, counties , cities and pavement road condition survey contractors to improve road safety and reduce survey costs up to 50% by providing highly efficient, safe & environmentally friendly retroreflectivity measurement systems that assess all pavement markings, in-lane markings and RPMs/Studs across a full lane width in one pass, day or night.

Our focus on innovation to improve road safety

Innovation & Quality

At Reflective Measurement Systems we have established a reputation for innovation, reliability and quality of service. As a team we started focusing on how developments in technology could improve road safety for road users and those who maintain our road networks. We quickly saw an opportunity to produce a more advanced and intelligent pavement retroreflectivity measurement system that would improve the quality and quantity of data available to road agencies s to help inform and prioritize pavement marking maintenance.

Incorporating the latest technology developments

As a result, we have incorporated the latest in LED lighting technology and camera imaging technology into our products. We have developed advanced survey analysis, algorithms and visualization software that rapidly uploads surveys and displays results in a simple and intuitive format complete with GPS tagged data, survey mapping and video footage as seen from the retroreflectometer at 30M geometry.

Prioritizing safety

We also saw an opportunity to address some of the key challenges and safety issues that survey operators face when conducting road surveys. So, we have eliminated unnecessary distractions for the survey operator, removing the need to continually mark the start and end of changes in types and color of stripe markings during the survey and instead focused on minimizing operator intervention.

Eliminating Downtime

Our Engineers have pulled out all the stops to simplify swapping the unit from vehicle to vehicle or removing the system from the vehicle overnight. In tests with other competitive products our system was consistently the one that was setup and ready to use first. In addition, our engineers used the pandemic to develop our remote diagnostic and online training capability. As a result, we can fully train all users remotely and support new customers with the initial installation, setup and calibration. Our remote access feature enables us to validate your calibration and even support an initial test run while you familiarize yourself with our system.

Exceptional Support

Our customers are highly valued. As a result, we guarantee a responsive service to any technical support or maintenance issues and our customer regularly comment favorably on our responsive and helpful team.

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