Quick Fit Mobile Retroreflectometer

Quick Fit Mobile Retrotreflectometer

When you are ready to start your pavement marking retroreflectivity survey, you want to get out on the road quickly and start gathering data. Selecting a mobile retroreflectometer unit that is quick to attach to the survey vehicle is paramount. Our Quick-fit mobile retroreflectometer unit has been designed to get you on the road in under 10 minutes.

Quick Fit By Design

Our Engineers have excelled themselves again and designed a Quick-Fit mounting bracket with cover to simplify and speed up the process of removing / refitting or transferring our RetroTek-D mobile retroreflectometer unit from vehicle to vehicle. It can now be fitted, calibrated and you can be surveying in under 10 minutes. The video below highlights how simple and quick the process is.

This is a game-changer for organisations that need to swap their mobile retroreflectometer unit from survey vehicle to survey vehicle. When the unit is not attached to the survey vehicle there is also handy mounting plate cover that can be used instead.

For Further information or for a RetroTek demonstration contact:
Email: info@retrotekusa.com
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