Enabling Survey Contractors

survey more pavement markings in less time using less gas


Retroreflectometer that reduces costs

Compared to side mounted systems reduce survey costs by up to 50%


Improving safety of surveys

with normal lane position driving and minimal operator intervention


Accurate & repeatable mobile retroreflectometer

Providing the same accuracy as handhelds at normal traffic speeds

Retroreflectometer RetroTek-D

The Most Cost Effective, Eco Friendly & Safe Solution for Pavement Marking Condition Assessment

Demand for pavement marking condition assessments is increasing, thanks to a combination of pressure to increase road safety and the introduction of ADAS safety warning systems on vehicles, which depend on good quality visible pavement markings day & night. This represents a terrific opportunity for Pavement Condition Survey Contractors who can establish which pavement markings need restriping and may be required to validate the quality of new & restriping. Using the RetroTek-D technology will assist Striping Contractors in reducing cost, add value, increase performance, and ensure compliance even for the toughest state or municipality specifications.

Our innovative RetroTek-D dynamic pavement marking retroreflectometer, includes the latest technology developments in Machine Vision, LED lighting and Artificial Intelligence to enable Survey Contractors to maximize the amount of data collected in one pass and reduce survey costs. When operating with other pavement condition assessment equipment, the RetroTek-D will add value to surveys for little cost. Our secure front-mounted RetroTek-D system measures across the full lane width to reduce your survey costs by up to 50% compared to a side-mounted retroreflectometer meaning quicker surveys, less distance travelled and lower fuel costs. This includes measurement of the retroreflectivity (mcd/m²/lux) of right and left striping lane lines and critical center markings, safety warnings, crosswalks and symbols etc. It also records presence or absence of road pavement markers and day contrast ratios (Weber) of stripes and markings, as used by ADAS safety warning systems in vehicles.

Best of all our advanced technology ensures minimal survey operator intervention during the survey as the system automatically detects stripe colour and type including skip and continuous markings. Being front mounted makes survey driving easier, with drivers adopting a normal driving position on the road. This also avoids issues with kerbs in built up areas, parking lots or toll booths and eliminates the need for regular stops to clean lenses, which are all common problems with side mounted retroreflectometer systems.

Efficient, safe & easy

Up to 50% reduction in survey operator and fuel costs compared to side mounted retroreflectometers.

Our Customer's feedback

“It’s amazing.”

“It’s amazing what this piece of technology can deliver. I am so fortunate enough to this technology and am learning so much about it and the benefits of using it.”

Emma Bourke, Senior Practitioner at ARRB


“Technical support is second to none.”

“We are delighted with the performance of the RetroTek as it measures the striping on both sides of the lane in one pass without the need to switch the sensor from one side of the vehicle to the other. At the end of surveying, all the data can be quickly prepared & sent to district TX Dot officials, without the need for hours of post-processing.
The RetroTek technical support is second to none.”

Jay Green, veteran retroreflectometer operator Stripe-A-Zone

“A competitive choice.”

“The flexibility of RetroTek has allowed ERC to meet and exceed the stringent requirements set by ERA. Its easy setup, ability to measure line retroreflectivity on both sides of a lane and then illustrate these results on the MultiView mapping & video interactive platform, made the RetroTek a competitive choice.”

Mr. Tiit Kaal, Consultant at ERC Consulting Ltd.

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