Road Line Markings Saving Calculator

This calculator illustrates the potential line marking replacement cost savings available if retroreflectivity (RL) is measured first and then based on the survey result, the line markings that did not meet the RL thresholds are replaced.  The maintenance cost saving is calculated on the percentage of line markings which have been measured and either pass/fail the retroreflectivity (RL) thresholds, when compared to replacement of all line markings.

Region (EU)

Details of Survey

Enter the length of line markings to be surveyed.

Enter the cost per Line km/mile of applying new lines/striping.

Enter expected cost of retro survey per line km/mile.

Cost of Survey

Total cost to apply new line markings to the total road network under review.

Approximate cost to survey this road network with a RetroTek retroreflectometer.

Savings achieved using RetroTek

Input % of road lines surveyed that passed the RL threshold to calculate estimated cost saving.

Approx. cost to restripe the lines.

Approx. cost savings as a result of performing the survey rather than restriping.

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