Enabling DOT's & Road Agencies

to efficiently & safely assess pavement marking condition


Maximizing data collection

across the width of one lane in one survey pass


Identifiyng & Prioritizing

pavement marking restriping where it is needed most


Ensuring pavement markings

are maintained to contract specifications including striping widths


Maximize pavement striping budgets

for better value for tax payer


The Cost Effective, Eco Friendly, Safe Solution for Pavement Marking Condition Assessment

We understand the pressure on Road Agencies & Departments of Transportation (DoTs) to maintain & improve road safety and reduce accidents on their roads. The quality of pavement line markings and center lane markings such as warning symbols, shields, crosswalks have been proven to have a significant influence on road safety.

In particular, good nighttime visibility (retro-reflectivity) of pavement markings dramatically reduces accidents and fatalities. A combination of factors including quality of application & material applied, road usage and weather can accelerate the deterioration of these safety-critical pavement markings.

The RetroTek-D retroreflectometer for road markings is a complete solution for DOTs with the QuickView-Pro survey results platform that will assist Road Agencies to develop a pavement marking management program aimed at improving both pavement marking performance and Agency oversight to deliver higher levels of safety and precise asset management.

Our innovative RetroTek-D dynamic pavement marking retroreflectometer, includes the latest technology developments in Machine Vision, LED lighting and Artificial Intelligence to provide Road Agencies & DOTs with certifiable accurate data on the quality of pavement marking in their area. Our retroreflectometer for road markings provides the same level of accuracy as handheld retroreflectometer devices. The RetroTek-D system collects data across the full lane width at normal traffic speeds, eliminating the need for traffic management, road or lane closures. This includes measurement of the retroreflectivity (mcd/m²/lux) of the right and left lane striping and critical center lane markings, pavement safety warnings and symbols. It also records presence or absence of road pavement markers and the day contrast ratios (Weber) of pavement markings, as used by ADAS machine vision safety warning systems in vehicles.

Efficient, safe & easy

Up to 50% reduction in survey operator and fuel costs compared to side mounted retroreflectometers.

Our Customer's feedback

“Transport Infrastructure Ireland were very happy with the survey.”

“Transport Infrastructure Ireland (TII) were very happy with the survey results and impressed with the RetroTek-Pro software with interactive data base and video analysis. The timescale was tight (12 weeks) and delivery was enabled by the efficiency of the RetroTek system.”

Conor Fitzgerald, Senior Network Operations Transport Infrastructure Ireland


“Impressed with the RL accuracy of the RetroTek.”

“We were very satisfied with the survey results and impressed with the RL accuracy of the RetroTek and the ability to detect the reflective pavement markings (RPMs)/road studs to within 3% accuracy over 1km. This information was very helpful in assisting our maintenance department to prioritise maintenance of road markings and reflective pavement markings (RPMs) / road studs where most needed and plan future maintenance schedules. The contract was delivered on time due to the efficiency of the RetroTek system to simultaneously measure the performance of multiple road assets in one pass.”

Andrew Elliot, Network Manager, M50 Concessions Ltd.

““ERA was very happy with the survey results and impressed with the RetroTek QuickView-Pro software.”

“ERA was very happy with the survey results and impressed with the RetroTek QuickView-Pro software with interactive data base, mapping and video analysis. It gives good overview of results and opportunity very easy to plan further road marking replacement plans. The timescale was tight and due to weather conditions, it was very hard to keep in timescale. But despite that the delivery was enabled by the efficiency of the contractor ERC Consulting Ltd and RetroTek system.”

Mr. Janno Sammul, Development Manager, Traffic Management Department, Estonian Road Administration (ERA)

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