Enabling Survey Equipment Manufacturers

to integrate retroreflectivity measurement into their systems


Building a stronger customer proposition

with more complete road condition surveys increasing added value


Accurate & repeatable

Providing the same accuracy as handheld units at normal traffic speeds


Better sales

Increase product offering to clients increasing revenue

Dynamic Measurement of Retroreflectivity with RetroTek-D

The most Efficient and Cost Effective Solution for Retroreflectivity and Day Contrast Measurements

Customers are demanding more and more capability from their investment in pavement condition survey equipment for road condition surveys and quality control road asset inventory. Many pavement condition survey equipment manufacturers are responding to the challenge by developing additional functionality and features to increase the value of their systems to their customers.

We provide Survey Equipment Manufacturers with access to a ready-made solution for pavement marking retroreflectivity & day contrast condition assessment. Our innovative RetroTek-D dynamic pavement marking retroreflectometer, includes the latest technology developments in Machine Vision, LED lighting and Artificial Intelligence to enable manufacturers to maximize the amount of data collected in one pass and reduce survey costs while increasing revenue generated.

One survey vehicle could simultaneously collect data on several road assets critical for road safety & pavement maintenance i.e. operate in conjunction with high speed pavement profilers and surface friction testers.

Our secure front-mounted RetroTek-D system provides dynamic measurement of retroreflectivity across the full lane width in one pass to reduce survey costs by up to 50% meaning quicker surveys, less distance travelled and lower fuel costs. This includes dynamic measurement of retroreflectivity (mcd/m²/lux) of right and left longitudinal lines striping and critical center markings, safety warnings and symbols. It also records presence or absence of road pavement markers and day contrast ratios (Weber) of stripes and markings, as used by ADAS safety warning systems in vehicles.

Best of all because all data collection is fully automated, our software can share data through APIs with other software systems to enable manufacturers to integrate our hardware and software into their complete survey solutions.

Efficient, safe & easy

Up to 50% reduction in survey operator and fuel costs compared to side mounted retroreflectometers.

Our Customer's feedback

“We can count on RetroTek team.”

“We are really satisfied with the customer service and communication with the engineering team. Nothing changed after purchasing the unit and we know that we can count on RetroTek team in terms of technical and economic support as they pro-actively help us with contracts competitions.”

Radek Mrázek, Consultest s.r.o.


“The remote installation and training saved us at iCeste a lot of valuable time and unnecessary costs.”

“We were provided with a very thorough and detailed installation manual and all the tools needed for a proper installation of RetroTek-D on our vehicle. After the installation we went on the test run with an RMS technician remotely connected to the system and they confirmed that the installation was done correctly. The repeatability and reproducibility test was also overseen by the technician to confirm the system was calibrated correctly.
The remote installation and training saved us at iCeste a lot of valuable time and unnecessary costs.”

Mr. Matija Kajba, CEO & Chief Engineer, iCESTE

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