Rapid survey data processing


Simple and intuitive

colour coded survey results visualization


Full survey mapping

with GPS tags and integral survey video.


Cost effective

Instantly identify pavement marking conditions, assisting road agencies maximize pavement marking maintenance budgets

QuickView - Reporting levels of reflectance

Simple, Fast and Complete Survey Processing and Reporting Software

The pavement condition data collected with the RetroTek-D Retroreflectometer systems presented on the QuickView-Pro Interactive survey results platform will assist Road Agencies & maintenance managers in developing a pavement marking management program aimed at improving both pavement marking performance and delivering higher levels of safety and precise asset management. Proprietary QuickView-Pro Interactive survey processing and reporting software enables rapid post survey processing of pavement marking retroreflectivity surveys. With the ability to batch process multiple surveys at a time we have made it simple to combine multiple surveys to produce a consolidated report.

A fully interactive map of the survey with colour coded threshold performance results shows levels of reflectance measured and enables pavement marking failures to be pinpointed and reviewed rapidly. All measurement data is included in the survey report with the ability to switch between data types e.g., right longitudinal stripe, left longitudinal stripe and critical center markings to see the specific levels of reflectance for each marking type on the survey. This is accompanied by a GPS tagged video recording of the survey footage, as seen from the survey equipment at 30-meter geometry (not a dashcam view) to validate the degradation of the markings from a driver perspective. Survey results can easily be filtered by name, lane or direction. The software also facilitates export of survey data file types in PDF, CSV, KML, Video and SHP formats.


QuickView Pro Benefits:

  • Saves time on detailed processing.
  • Batch processing for multiple surveys – complete 100s of surveys and process in a single operation.
  • Instant results and report generation in PDF, CSV, KML, Video and SHP formats.
  • Geotagged video means road sections can be viewed without having to drive to location.
  • Combined reports for all assets, improving survey effectiveness – easy identification of sections where multiple lines and RPMs fail.
  • All surveys on a single platform – easy to find and access different road lane data.
  • No copying and pasting of files to required directory structures – configurable as part of the export process.

Quick View Pro Features:

  • Quick View Pro Features:
  • Survey video analysis at EN1436 30 meter geometry.
  • Interactive survey map.
  • Survey reprocessing from user defined points.
  • Catalogue multiple surveys from a road network.
  • Easily select and filter surveys based on name, lane or direction.
  • Batch process multiple surveys.
  • Results threshold setting/resetting.
  • Export directly to custom directory structure.

Our Customer's feedback

“Best bit of kit out there.”

“When it comes to retro-reflectivity measurement, it’s definitely the best bit of kit out there at the moment 😃”

Richard Wix, Principal Consultant at ARRB

“Technical support is second to none.”

“We are delighted with the performance of the RetroTek as it measures the striping on both sides of the lane in one pass without the need to switch the sensor from one side of the vehicle to the other.  At the end of surveying, all the data can be quickly prepared & sent to district TX Dot officials, without the need for hours of post-processing.
The RetroTek technical support is second to none.”

Jay Green, veteran retroreflectometer operator, Stripe-A-Zone

“A competitive choice.”

“The flexibility of RetroTek has allowed ERC to meet and exceed the stringent requirements set by ERA. Its easy setup, ability to measure line retroreflectivity on both sides of a lane and then illustrate these results on the MultiView mapping & video interactive platform, made the RetroTek a competitive choice.”

Mr. Tiit Kaal, Consultant at ERC Consulting Ltd.

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