Enabling Airport Airside Authorities

to efficiently measure runway and taxiway markings


Maximizing data collection

across 16 feet field of view in one survey pass


Prioritize airside safety

Maintaining mandatory retroreflectivity standards for airside safety


Assess dry & wet retroreflectivity

at the same time

Airside Marking Assessment with RetroTek-D

The Most Efficient and Cost Effective Solution for Airside Marking Assessment

Many airports globally are subject to mandatory minimum standards in retroreflectivity for runway and taxiway markings. Runway marking retroreflectivity assessment is necessary to establish the marking conditions to identify areas of critical need and prioritize areas requiring attention.

Airport retroreflectivity measurement is a critical safety aspect for airports that have to continue to operate in low visibility conditions. The pilot’s ability to see and read key safety markings are absolutely crucial in all lighting conditions. In addition, runway markings are particularly susceptible to shorter remarking maintenance schedules due to the rubber deposits from landing aircrafts.

Our innovative RetroTek-D mobile retroreflectometer, includes the latest technology developments in machine vision, LED lighting and artificial intelligence to provide Airport Authorities with accurate data on the quality of critical airside markings. Providing the same level of accuracy as handheld devices our system collects all marking data across a wide field of assessment at normal traffic speeds, minimizing the amount of time needed for airside surveys. This includes measurement of the retroreflectivity (RL) of airside markings, safety warnings and symbols. It also records the day contrast ratios of stripes and markings. Our QuickView-Pro survey results platform system enables Airport Authorities to rapidly pinpoint survey marking failures which are time stamped, color coded, GPS tagged and have video footage of each marking at the time of survey, to enable visual condition inspections, and maintain an inventory of markings for data management, visualization and post analysis.

Efficient, safe & easy

Up to 50% reduction in survey operator and fuel costs compared to side mounted retroreflectometers.

Our Customer's feedback

“Best bit of kit out there.”

“When it comes to retro-reflectivity measurement, it’s definitely the best bit of kit out there at the moment 😃”

Richard Wix, Principal Consultant at ARRB


“Transport Infrastructure Ireland were very happy with the survey.”

“Transport Infrastructure Ireland (TII) were very happy with the survey results and impressed with the RetroTek-Pro software with interactive data base and video analysis. The timescale was tight (12 weeks) and delivery was enabled by the efficiency of the RetroTek system.”

Mr. Conor Fitzgerald, Senior Network Operations, Transport Infrastructure Ireland

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